The Club


The Club's committee was elected at the AGM in December 2015.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Andy Heyes  Andy Heyes
Vice-Chairman Clive ‘Morph’ Richards  Morph Richards
President Neil Manners  Neil Manners
Vice President Geoff Hutton  Geoff Hutton
Treasurer Mike Andrews Mike Andrews
Secretary Helen Ball  Helen Ball
Membership Secretary Laura Croker
Social Secretary Simon Hawkes
Committee Members Steve Wood Steve Wood
Committee Members Jason Moss
 "Run of 18" Coordinator Luke Murray Luke Murray
"Wear the Shirt" and "Personal Best" Coordinator Laura Meech 
"Wear the Shirt" and "Personal Best" Coordinator Ryan Kestle  Ryan Kestle
Men's Captain Clive Richards  Morph Richards
Ladies' Captain and Club Kit Coordinator Sally Dennis  Sally Dennis